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New lock / unlock interface; Removed integration with the Explorer, as it was slow.

Ainvo Antivirus

At the present time, cryptographic viruses have become unprecedented. The loss of important information, personal files has become a real problem for people and companies. The program blocks from editing and deletion files and folders. Convenient removal and installation of file locking. When using the program, for full protection, it is recommended to install operating system updates in a timely manner and use the user account, not the administrator, to work.

What is a cryptographic virus?

Cryptographic viruses are programs that penetrate the user's computer and unnoticeably encrypt the files. It can be personal photos, accounting documents, databases, archives and so on. For the decryption of files you need to pay a ransom.

How many demand extortionists

The redemption amount is different, the average is $ 300. Unfortunately, the transfer of funds does not guarantee a 100% decryption of the files. Viruses and decoders do not always write qualitatively and there are errors in decoding large files. In addition, there is no guarantee that after payment the author of the virus will send the decoder.

Ways of distribution

  • Email;
  • Vulnerabilities of the software;
  • Downloading files from infected sites.

Business problems.

Currently, the business was not ready to repel attacks of cryptographic viruses. Absence of system administrators, staff turnover. One of the main reasons for encryption of files is the human factor.

Principle of protection

The program "Blocking files and directories from virus-encryption" allows you to selectively block individual files and directory contents from deletion and modification. Locking and unlocking files is done through the context menu of Windows Explorer.

Safety recommendations

  • Do not open email attachments from strangers;
  • Backup, restore points, and shadow copies;
  • Antivirus protection;
  • Work under the account "User";
  • Limit on the launch of programs, for example, JavaScript scripts;
  • Updating the operating system.


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